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Working as a team on cybersecurity challenges means we all benefit from greater insight, immediate response times and more creative solutions that out-wit and out-last attackers. Together, we're stronger.

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Collaboration That Empowers Security

Collaborative Security approaches information security in a way that is exceedingly practical, outcome based, and measurable. Practitioners of Collaborative Security have the most complete information about the threats they face and can mount the most effective defense against the attackers’ tactics and common challenges.

Solving Shared Challenges with Collaborative Solutions

Discreet Tooling

Too many point solutions that focus on isolated problems instead of holistic solutions.

Realizing Security ROI

Security spending is rising and can be difficult to justify in the face of ever-present risks.

Situational Awareness

Sophisticated actors are using and disseminating tools that have downstream impact.

Data and Alert Propagation

Threat intelligence automation automation and analytics is an ongoing challenge.

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Forrester's View: Innovate Faster with Collaborative Security

Forrester discusses the opportunities and value that firms see in peer collaboration for enterprise security and threat intelligence.

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Benefits of Collaborative Security

Collaborative Security empowers organizations to share timely information and best practices to gain sustainable advantages through the following benefits:

Better Visibility

Collaborative Security provides insight into issues you may not have known existed, eliminating blind spots and hidden vulnerabilities.

Smarter, Together

Our ISAO groups share inside knowledge under a mutual NDA with structured sharing.

Real-World Emulations

Unique exercises ensure security approaches are practical, meaningful and work in the real world.

Comprehensive Solutions

Collaborative Security provides the ability to focus on holistic solutions so niche issues are never overlooked.

Built on a Trusted Foundation

Columbus Collaboratory is a rapid innovation company founded by leading companies in seven different industries that delivers business value through cybersecurity solutions and leveraging advanced analytics.

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Collective Insights

What's new and upcoming with collaborative security.


Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Drive Enterprise Decision-Making

In a recent Forbes article, contributor Gary Drenik spoke with Columbus Collaboratory’s VP and Chief Analytics Officer, Brian Sampsel, about how companies are responding to AI as a tool for business

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Collaborative Security

Cybersecurity and the Riemann Hypothesis

I was taken with an article I read recently, on a seminal construct in mathematics called the Riemann Hypothesis. The article talked about how researchers at Emory University had made progress toward proving that a central concept – one that has existed in mathematics for 160 years and upon which so many other mathematical principles are based – is in fact true.

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Tapping Into the Value of Analytics Through Use Case Discovery Workshops

We’ve all heard promising statistics about how investing in data analytics can drive powerful returns, yet in a recent Bain survey of companies that are heavily invested in big data, a full third said they lack a clear strategy for embedding data and analytics into their companies.

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VMaaS Fact Sheet

Download our fact sheet, Taming the Vulnerability Beast, to learn more about identifying your company’s most critical vulnerabilities and how VMaaS can help address them today.

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